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AI Marketer: Automated Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

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Investing in human resources for producing content is history if you are either a solopreneur, a small business, a content creator or a digital marketing agency. The world is changing. AI is allowing us to be our best versions. We no longer have to rely on other people for every piece of great content. Also, few clicks can integrate the AI Marketer with all the platforms you might need.

AI Marketer is easy to get started with. Simply submit your desired posts topic or article keyword, and the Marketer will create the general topics for you immediatly. You will receive an email to review the results when the topics are ready. Following your approval, our AI will generate your posts/articles and notify you for final approval. Automated posting to the selected platforms begins the day after verification.

Nurturing your content has never been easier.

AI Marketing Automation

Enjoy lifetime bulk publishing - say goodbye to creating and scheduling content. Let AI take over

AI Marketer: Automated Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

*adding a personal touch to all content is up to you

Bulk Social Media
That you won`t lift a finger for

With AllinWriter's bulk social media automation, maintain an active presence without lifting a finger, as we handle everything from creation to posting. You're the boss—simply give the approvals, or delegate the task to your assistant, and AllinWriter handles the rest.

Bulk SEO Articles
That Google & users will both love

Charm both Google and your audience, ensuring high rankings and engaging reads. Rest assured, Google will not penalize your blog for using AI content as long as it's original, valuable, and user-focused, aligning with Google's quality guidelines.

AI Marketer

*every piece of content has to be reviewed to ensure the best outcome

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Globally, we helped +1000 users to regain over 83 years of time providing unparalleled efficiency and creativity

No technical or marketing expertise required.
Our intuitive platform makes content creation accessible to everyone.
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Extra Features

Here you have our most used in app features

Step 1

Brand Voice

The Brand Voice feature utilizes AI to mirror your brand's distinctive personality and values in every piece of content. It ensures your unique style shines through in everything from blog posts to social media updates, helping your message connect authentically with your audience while maintaining consistency across platforms.

Step 2


The power of global communication with our Languages feature is enabling you to create and manage content in multiple languages effortlessly. Expand your reach and connect with diverse audiences by delivering tailored content in their native language, all while maintaining the high quality and consistency of your brand's voice.

Step 3

Social Sync Integrations

Maximize your content strategy with AllinWriter's Integrations feature, enabling direct publishing to WordPress, LinkedIn, and Meta. Simplify scheduling, enhance cross-platform consistency, and boost your digital presence with ease.

Much more features are awaiting to be discovered.